Hong Kong’s First Pure-Electric Taxis Begin Service, Revolutionizing Public Transport

John Tsang Chun-wah, the particular GBM, JP, Economic Secretary in the Hong Kong Unique Administrative Regional Government welcomed BYD to Hong Kong as well as reaffirmed his commitment to "promoting environmental sustainability by laying the inspiration with regard to Hong Kong for you to turn into a zero emissions city."

About Sime Darby

Sime Darby is really a Malaysia-based diversified multinational associated with important growth sectors, namely, plantation, property, motors, industrial equipment, energy & utilities and also healthcare. Wang Chuan-fu, Chairman and also President associated with BYD Organization limited affirmed, "As a leading innovator inside the green-energy marketplace sector, BYD utilizes best-of-breed EV technologies regarding our e6 Taxis and also e6 Premier sedans launching in Hong Kong. Founded in 1910, its business divisions seek to create positive advantages within the economy, environment as well as society exactly where it includes a presence. That requires only 2 hours to fully cost your e6 using AC charging equipment developed through BYD. We believe our upcoming co-operation using BYD for your marketing associated with electric taxis throughout Hong Kong will effectively upgrade the actual taxi market and our efforts will not use vain. These types of charging stations are actually dispersed across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories along with Lantau Island. The Particular BYD e6 is truly a key piece within the BYD vision Zero-Emissions-Eco-System, with this zero emission transport Sime as well as BYD aid bring Hong Kong as well as its eco-conscious public closer to their objective regarding sustainability. Our association will embrace this trial project using enthusiasm. We aim for a much more pollution-free environment as well as our goal can be total replacement of our own existing vehicles using electric ones in the close to future." Sime Darby provides Hong Kong drivers an eco-friendly transport supporting the particular development of the sustainable Hong Kong. Pure electric vehicles tend to be becoming a significant trend inside the world, especially in densely populated cities like Hong Kong, where many vehicles are usually driven in a compact area almost all the time -- it is a pressing imperative that this public transportation gets cleaner. Mr. in addition, it actually is just anticipated that will the one-hour recharge would just be required for each shift (during the rest or even lunch break). BYD furthermore announced that the e6 "Taxi version" and also e6 "Premier" sedan had been now officially on sale throughout Hong Kong. This kind of not only asserts our green vision pertaining to promoting environmental sustainability to obtain a better world, nevertheless is also an important step for people in bringing green transport to advantage just about all people -- we greatly appreciate the presence in the Honorable Mr. Peter Goh, Managing Director regarding Sime Darby Motors Team said, "We are generally delighted in order to function together with BYD in bringing your e6 Taxis and also Premier sedans to Hong Kong, providing a lot more unique, eco-friendly driving and also transport experiences. Your selection of these areas was optimized using the taxi-driver, shift-change locations, while taking directly into thought the particular length between every station along with forming an acceptable coverage network with regard to convenience. For You To address your anticipated growth involving EV adoption, BYD plans to boost the actual number of charging facilities as adoption rolls out. Tsang in the ceremony today, as the assistance with the Government can be involving critical importance towards the promotion and also implementation involving EVs in almost any nation or region." "The support in the taxi business is essential for the mass-adoption of EVs," remarked Mr. BYD may always be the fastest-growing Chinese automotive and also green energy technology enterprise. Pertaining To a lot more information, please visit, or perhaps e-mail

Mr. The Particular launch with the e6 Taxi along with e6 Premier sedan underscores BYD's resolve for its "three green dreams" strategy throughout new energy, which could be comprised of; solar energy generation created relevant through environmentally-friendly energy storage, and responsibly applying this green energy inside electric vehicles. This is actually one of the particular largest companies about Bursa Malaysia having a market capitalization associated with USD18.6 billion as from 30 June 2012.. This kind of pure EV can then travel for an unprecedented range as much as 300 km, providing both your driver and passengers having an incomparable traveling experience along with zero emissions/ zero pollution.

About BYD

BYD will be ranked #1 in the top Bloomberg's as well as Enterprise Week's 2009 Tech one hundred list may become the leading company associated with advanced, environmentally-friendly battery technologies like the Iron Phosphate battery found in BYD electric vehicles as well as electric buses.

The availability of charging facilities can furthermore be critical for you to EV clients -- in conjunction with the introduction of Hong Kong's initial pure electric taxi fleet as well as the e6 Premier sedans, BYD is setting up 47 chargers throughout 9 charging places close to vehicle parks throughout Hong Kong as the very first cycle of deployment. Sime Darby is dedicated to creating the sustainable future pertaining to most its stakeholders. BYD's solar panels along with LED Lighting systems get CEC, TUV/CE as well as UL listings, as well as the business enjoys rapid growth in the consumer electronics area along with electrified transportation sector, manufacturing under its BYD brand. Mr. Today's launch is another testament to our dedication to providing leading high quality along with substantial price-performance-ratio vehicles to our customers." Your BYD e6 can always be a spacious, 5-passenger, crossover vehicle (EV) powered through the BYD Iron-Phosphate (or Fe) batteries -- it has a very long battery life with the highest safety level within the industry. the company trades about the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) beneath the ticker quantities HK.0285 - BYD Electronics and also HK.1211 - BYD company Ltd., as well as about the Shenzhen Stock Exchange beneath the actual ticker number 002594 - BYD Organization Ltd.

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, BYD announced the actual launch of Hong Kong's 1st all-electric taxi fleet, BYD e6 electric cross-over sedan at a launch ceremony held in the Hong Kong Science Park. BYD closely collaborated using Sime Darby Motors group (Sime Darby), Hong Kong Taxi & Public light Bus Association Limited, The Hyperlink Management Limited, CLP power Hong Kong limited and also The Particular Hong Kong Electric Business limited to place directly into service the really first batch associated with 45, BYD e6 Taxis. Wong Chung Keung, President along with Chairman with the Hong Kong Taxi & Public light Bus Association. "We completely assistance BYD as well as Sime Darby's introduction of pure electric taxis throughout Hong Kong





London taxis ranked world's best, NY/Parisians the rudest

Drivers in the English money must pass any rigorous examination called the Knowledge to earn their own taxi license.


SYDNEY Fri Aug 6, 2010 2:29am EDT

"Traveling by simply taxi is actually among the first experiences that lots of travelers have got upon arrival inside a new city. Inside fact, the study found that cabs are generally by simply way probably your most well-known technique associated with touring from the airport for their hotel," the spokesman with regard to stated in the statement.

Credit: Reuters/Eric Thayer

Rounding out the top five had been Tokyo using a total score involving 26 percent, Berlin along with 17 percent, and also Bangkok famed for its tuk-tuks scoring 14 percent.

The survey for, section of the particular Expedia group, had been conducted amongst over 1,900 travelers between Might 11-28 this year.

SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) - London taxis, using their pleasant drivers who truly know where they're going, are usually ranked greatest within the world, according to a yearly taxi poll.

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Travelers said Ny had the most accessible taxis.

(Reporting through Belinda Goldsmith, Editing through Dean Goodman)

The global poll scored city based taxis pertaining to his or her amounts associated with cleanliness, value, top quality associated with driving, knowledge of the area, friendliness, safety and availability.

Taxis inside Sydney fell short involving the top 10, scoring badly within the areas of worth pertaining to money, availability and knowledge in the area.


Vehicles drive past any carbon counting indicator around the Deutsche Bank constructing inside The Huge Apple June 18, 2009. <br><br>New York's yellow taxis came second within the list, scoring 27 percent which had been up 10 percentage factors coming from last year even though Manhattan's cab drivers tied using Parisian taxi drivers since the rudest.<br><br>Reprints<br><br>Link this<br><br>Vehicles drive past any carbon counting signal around the Deutsche Bank constructing within The big Apple June 18, 2009.<br><br>Cabbies in Rome had been voted the actual worst drivers inside the globe with practically one out of 10 travelers thinking your Italian richesse had the actual world's worst taxi drivers when it came for the top quality involving driving.<br><br>Digg this<br><br>The survey by simply journey site located London taxis, despite becoming one with the most expensive, beat rivals across the globe to head the list for your third consecutive years, scoring any total involving 59 % throughout votes about several classes by travelers.<br><br>London taxi drivers were voted both friendliest and a lot knowledgeable. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Madrid's taxis were ranked sixth inside the poll, then Copenhagen and Dublin using 11 percent and Frankfurt and also Paris using ten percent.






Barack Obama Asians

McCain." What?

The Sleeping Giant in American Politics

Deanna Lee

While each candidates' web sites get sections targeting Asian Americans, McCain's can always be a mere form to subscribe to emails.

Time running Out Pertaining To Filipino Veterans

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Jonah Lalas

Many thousands of Filipinos answered Roosevelt's contact to join the actual U.S. forces fighting Japan within the Philippines, nevertheless ended up denied the massive benefits these folks were promised until last month.

A Victory for your Asian-American Community

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Jonah Lalas

The Filipino veterans get received his or her due, yet Asian workers have got not. Obama's is depending on well-known social network sites -- together with blogs, member directories, as well as links to embed your Obama '08 logo about your personal Facebook profile.

John McCain: Citizen in the US?

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Gautam Dutta

The Constitution should be amended to ensure that all naturalized citizens (including McCain) may furthermore seek your White House.

Asia Wants A Bit Obamamania

Nathan Gardels

No doubt the actual deficiency of Obamamania over the Pacific features a lot to accomplish using the undeniable fact that modernizing Asia is a whole lot more attentive to always be able to pursuits compared to values. they discover Obama and also Democrats as protectionist.

. Cepeda" width="45" />

To look at what will be the news coverage, the actual 'broken immigration system' is just about all about Latinos in add-on in order to their extended families, as if each single one of the "12 million" illegal immigrants within the U.S. Election, Obama Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy, Politics News

Huzir Sulaiman

On precisely the contrary aspect of the globe coming from Chicago, the particular tropical noonday sun outside my window juxtaposed using televised images of one's happy midn...

Asian Americans may Nip Your Vote

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"...two-thirds regarding Vietnamese Americans stated they assistance Mr. It comes for you to an end Asian activists in order to carry on to teach along with politicize our youth.

Asian Immigration: A Loved Ones Group Affair, Any Chicago Perspective

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Esther J. We've Missed You.<br><br>Read More: Barack Obama Foreign Policy, Barack Obama Asians, Global Reaction, Global Response Obama Win, Election Results, Asia, Barack Obama, Global reaction u.s. originated in Tijuana.<br><br>Welcome Back, America </body> </html>





What does BBW mean in dating and personal ads?

She teaches topics which includes international cooking as well as journey (for kids as well as adults) along with dating/relationships. within international relations from Boston University, plus a J.D. Meet one of them!

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Annabella Gualdoni is a teacher as well as property professional. at Answerbag, we're lucky in order to work using great writers and researchers that aid us answer some of your questions. within international development coming from UC Berkeley, an M.A. through Boston College. Gualdoni has a B.A

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